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In a world of experts classifying every thought, emotion or difficulty as a disorder or syndrome, normal behavior has been passed by. Well, "normal" is not "typical" or "average." Normal is not bland, not vanilla. You may be uniquely normal. You can easily and quickly find out how normal and balanced you really are.

The book Friday's Laws creates a framework where you can retreat and gain perspective on the stresses and problems that impact your daily living. Friday's Laws are eight fundamentals of normal, effective thinking. These Laws can help you improve what is good in your life and change what is not so good. Think of this framework as a refuge that lets you gain a refreshing perspective on yourself and the people who enter your life.

You may be surprised at how special "normal" actually is. It can allow you to win—in your career, in your relationships and in life.

Paul J. Friday, Ph.D.

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